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Why the Jewish high holidays offer a perfect queer, religious intersection | Let’s Be Perfectly Queer

(Unsplash/Lavi Perchik) When one hears “religious holiday,” the first word to enter their mind is not typically “queer.” However, as a bisexual, queer Jew from a queer household, the Jewish high holidays have always felt like a unique way to connect to one’s LGBTQIA+ identity, spirit, body and space.  The high holidays begin with Rosh [...]

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Prison Abolition is a Queer Liberation Issue

(Emory Wheel/Jay Jones) The transformative possibilities of defunding the police and abolishing prisons have entered the popular imagination over the past year. Much of the momentum on the streets gained over the summer of 2020 has slowed down, but millions of people were exposed to the radical framework of abolition. Now that it’s LGBTQIA+ Pride [...]

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Drag in Atlanta, Contextualized by Queerness in the South

(Pixabay/nnguyen) Southernness and queerness are often constructed in antagonism to one another. In fact, 21st century novelist Brandon Taylor describes this in relation to his own identity by writing, “I thought that there was nothing worse than being gay and southern, that no two parts of a person could be more in conflict.”  Yet within [...]

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