Emory University admitted the remaining members of the Class of 2027 through Regular Decision on March 29. Of the 29,008 Regular Decision applicants, 2,217 were admitted to the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, producing about an 7.6% acceptance rate, according to Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Admission John Latting. Across QuestBridge, Early Decision I, Early Decision II and Regular Decision, Emory accepted 3,429 of the 33,254 applicants to the Emory College this year, representing about a 10.3% acceptance rate.

Emory College’s acceptance rate has decreased over the past several years. The Class of 2021 had an acceptance rate of 21.4%, decreasing to 13% for the Class of 2025 and 10.3% for the Class of 2027.

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Out of peer institutions that have released their 2027 class admissions data — the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Northwestern University (Ill.), University of Notre Dame (Ind.) and Johns Hopkins University (Md.) — Emory has seen the biggest drop in acceptance rate since 2018.

Latting said Emory had a “robust and careful” selection process for the Class of 2027.

“Emory’s applicant pool is extraordinary in its talent and diversity and the ambitions that students have,” Latting said. “We just have so much to choose from. This class is gonna represent that quality.”

Emory College’s target number for the Class of 2027 is 1,420 students, which is the same as last year, Latting added. For Emory to reach that number, 430 students who were accepted in Regular Decision will have to enroll in Emory.

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However, Latting is concerned about admitting too many students, which he said would create housing and course availability issues. He said that the overall yield rate, which is the percentage of accepted students who enroll, is expected to be about 40% for the Class of 2027, coming out to roughly 1,371 students.

“We admit carefully and conservatively, and we also model the likelihood that students will enroll very, very carefully,” Latting said.

Of the admitted students for the Class of 2027, about 22.2% identify as Black or African American, 19.5% identify as Latinx, 1.9% identify as Native American and 14.6% are international. Out of admitted domestic students, 19.5% are first-generation college students. In total, 55% of admits are female and 45% are male. Additionally, 55% of admitted students indicated that they are seeking need-based financial aid.

Admitted students are from all 50 states and 77 countries. The five states with the most admitted students are Georgia, New York, California, Florida and Texas, according to Latting.

Claire Fenton/Managing Editor

In addition to academic talent, admission officers emphasize being well-rounded outside of the classroom during the admissions process, Latting noted.

“We’re attentive to community building,” Latting said. “We think about things like the arts and athletics and service to the community and so on. It is not only going to be a really academically talented class, but a very active and energetic and talented one as well.”

Newly admitted Regular Decision applicants have until May 1 to commit to Emory by placing a deposit. Emory will host events for admitted students throughout April.

“I’m just excited to see who comes our way,” Latting said. “It’s just going to be a fantastic, fantastic class.”

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