Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (she/her) (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana and double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She wrote for the Current in Carmel. She also loves playing guitar and piano, cooking and swimming. In her free time, she learns new card tricks and practices typing faster.

More than just mushrooms: fungi class expands students’ worldview

Fungi could perhaps be considered immortal because of the way they absorb nutrients from the living flora and fauna around them. Yet, we know so little about these organisms living among us. In a quest to be more attuned to these natural phenomena, comparative literature instructor Laura Hunt ventures deep into mycology, literature and environmental [...]

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Lia Thomas started a conversation about transgender rights. It’s time we dive into it.

  The Eagles swim against the University of North Carolina (UNC)-Wilmington in the WoodPEC in 2014. (Courtesy of Jason Oh) Following the end of University of Pennsylvania swimmer and transgender woman athlete Lia Thomas’ collegiate career in March, the subsequent wave of nationwide anti-trans athlete legislation has jeopardized the future of inclusion in sports. But [...]

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Duluth Assi Plaza: worth the trip | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

After spending the last two years in the chaos of Atlanta, the fast-paced city life and adjusting to living in the pandemic, I craved suburbia. So, when Brammhi Balarajan (23C) asked me to drive up to Duluth, Georgia with her to see former managing editor Shreya Pabbaraju (21C), I immediately agreed. Our first stop was [...]

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Dismantle the food patriarchy and bring back food as a feminist revolution | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

Wikimedia Commons/Bernard Gagnon Food is often misrepresented as a one-sided story, a narrative focused on haute culture, Michelin starred restaurants and chefs and of course, the final presentation of the dish. But behind every Instagram-perfect rendition of food is a forgotten feminist revolution. Contrary to what people might think, food doesn’t start in the kitchen. [...]

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