Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana, majoring in political science and anthropology. She enjoys swimming, playing guitar and piano and eating chocolate for fun.

The United States is food-illiterate

(Local farming / Smith_cl9) Did you know that 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Just kidding. That might be an inaccurate statistic due to the poorly designed survey, but reams of more accurate data actually show that many Americans are agriculturally illiterate.  For instance, in 2011, only 56% of fourth [...]

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The Politicization of Food is Diminishing Its Simplicity | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef. (Emory Wheel/Ally Hom) For most people, trying to tackle the racial inequity in health care is a multi-faceted problem, complicated by numerous factors like race, socioeconomic status and inadequate accessibility. But for Tunde Wey, a Nigerian chef and founder of BabyZoos, his solution was simple: applesauce.  Wey’s start-up company, BabyZoos, sells [...]

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The Bradford Pear: An Arboreal Devil That Must Go

The Bradford Pear blossoming. (Creative Commons / Mangrove Mike) Since the pandemic started, people have been walking more than ever, craving the fresh air and relishing maskless time outdoors. My mom and I are among this newly created cohort of walkers. But with the start of spring, we noticed a new, pungent smell akin to [...]

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