Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana, majoring in political science and anthropology. She enjoys swimming, playing guitar and piano and eating chocolate for fun.

You Have Been Strung by the U.S. Cheese Scheme.

Cheese board. (Unsplash/Tobias) I bet you clicked on this article because of the title, probably because you like cheese and you would like to know how a college student is going to prove your complacence in something called the U.S. cheese scheme. If so, this is the article for you.  But first, we need to [...]

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What Tackling Racism in the Food Industry Tells us About Institutional Change | Sophia’s Smorgasbord

Sophia’s Smorgasbord is a column dedicated to exploring politics and culture through food, written by Opinion Editor Sophia Ling.  (Creative Commons / Nestlé) In my previous article about “Gourmet Makes,” a food recreation channel by the food magazine Bon Appétit (BA), I briefly allude to the resignation of BA’s former Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport after a [...]

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Life Lessons From a Beloved YouTuber and Pastry Chef

Claire Saffitz, former host of Bon Appétit's "Gourmet Makes" channel (The Emory Wheel/Ally Hom) For the last three weeks, as I complete my treacherous goal of running every day, I have unapologetically binged Claire Saffitz’s  “Gourmet Makes” videos while running on the treadmill as a means of curbing my boredom. Saffitz attempts to recreate numerous [...]

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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic: A Catalyst to Revolutionizing Pizza

Bazbeaux's Pizza Delivery Box (Ally Hom/The Emory Wheel) Since the onset of the pandemic over a year ago, the restaurant industry has sustained devastating losses. By December 2020, the National Restaurant Association reported that 17% of restaurants permanently closed and 87% of businesses faced a 36% drop in sales revenue. As a result, restaurants feel [...]

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