Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (she/her) (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana and double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She wrote for the Current in Carmel. She also loves playing guitar and piano, cooking and swimming. In her free time, she learns new card tricks and practices typing faster.

Lights, camera, action: Super Bowl LVI

The Wheel Staff is divided in their predictions of which team will walk away from Super Bowl LVI with the Lombardi Trophy. (Ally Hom/Photo Editor) All eyes are on Hollywood as Super Bowl LVI approaches on Feb. 13. The 2021-22 NFL season will come to a close on Sunday at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, and [...]

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Diminishing animal rights to merely a moral issue will only prevent people from joining the cause

Wikimedia Commons/Daisy2375 In the early 1980s, philosopher Peter Singer described a crucial development across human history: humanity’s expanding moral circle. This circle defines boundaries for entities worthy of moral consideration, and sets up a hierarchy in which groups in power can unilaterally decide the moral worth of another group’s interests. Though it sounds demeaning, the [...]

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Fusion food: A beacon to advancing cross-cultural identity and unity

(Emory Wheel/Ally Hom, Pizza Delivery Box) “Ew, that’s a lot of mayo,” I overheard as I dolloped the condiment across my fries. Whether or not they were talking about me is irrelevant. People indulge in different, weird food combinations like Cheetos and milk, salami and grapes, ice cream and fries and of course, Hawaiian pizza. [...]

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Dead people should not be a staple of concerts and music festivals

Travis Scott Rodeo Tour, March 2015 (Creative Commons / thecomeupshow) Houston rapper Travis Scott always draws a crowd at his annual Astroworld Festival, and last year was no exception. Organizers and city officials had been preparing additional security detail to ensure that people remained safe throughout the show. The 50,000 concertgoers, many of whom had [...]

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