Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (she/her) (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana and double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She wrote for the Current in Carmel. She also loves playing guitar and piano, cooking and swimming. In her free time, she learns new card tricks and practices typing faster.

Buzzer beaters in the Big Easy: March Madness 2022

The NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball Tournament began March 15, kicking off another unpredictable and entertaining March Madness. As always, the 2022 tournament promises its fair share of Cinderella stories, historic playoff runs and outstanding individual performances. The Longwood University (Va.) Lancers earned their first tournament berth in program history after smoking Winthrop University [...]

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Identity fission: reconciling the Chinese and the American in me

(Sophia Ling / Emory Wheel) When my favorite Chinese reality show, Happy Camp, skipped an episode in August, I started reading uncensored rumors of the Chinese media crackdown, watching famous celebrities disappear from the public eye due to their outspokenness. Two months later, Happy Camp vanished. Happy Camp has been one of the longest running [...]

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Cutting fruit: a gesture, a language and a promise

(Ali Barlow / Emory Wheel ) Amid the pandemic, my dad traveled halfway across the world with a suitcase filled with Chinese snacks just for me. When school first started, my parents stuffed a box full of food they thought I might enjoy and share with my friends. The box flew from Guangdong to Hong [...]

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