Sophia Ling

Sophia Ling (24C) is from Carmel, Indiana, majoring in political science and anthropology. She enjoys swimming, playing guitar and piano and eating chocolate for fun.

The Consequences of Wildlife Trade in the Age of Human Hubris

Humans rule the world arrogantly and are the driving force behind environmental change in what is dubbed the Anthropocene epoch. Though our zealous stride toward greater discoveries deserves to be lauded, literary critic Fredric Jameson’s phrase, “Postmodernism is what you have when the modernization process is complete and nature is gone for good,” reminds me [...]

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The Americanization of Food

For communities around the world, food is a unifier; its impact is emblematic of our shared community and humanity. Food both transmits and preserves culture. But globalization and immigration have caused traditional foods to become more palatable in the United States; immigrants hope to retain their cultural roots while also assimilating to American culture. This [...]

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We the People, Are the Biggest Threat to Democracy

The U.S. used to be a role model for other countries. It was a beacon of hope for immigrants looking for jobs or a place to settle with their families. Now, the U.S. has become a nation no country should aspire to be like — it has become a prime example for what not to [...]

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Humans Aren’t Ready to Coexist With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science involved in building machines capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence, is no longer a pipe dream. Like it or not, the AI revolution is fast approaching. Though the goal is to eventually reap its rewards, its short-term effects are uncertain. Because of the dangers [...]

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