Saru Garg

Saru Garg (22C) is from the suburbs of Chicago and is majoring in human health and film studies. She began writing for the Wheel to have an outlet where she could express her love for entertainment in all its forms, from screwball comedies to surrealism to sitcoms. Don't mention David Lynch or "Parks and Recreation" around her or she will talk for hours. She also enjoys baking, reading and listening to copious amounts of Mitski. Contact Garg at [email protected]

‘Boy Erased’ a Tragic and Timely Tale

“Boy Erased” is unlikely to leave a single dry eye in theaters. Based on Garrard Conley’s 2016 titular memoir, the film is a relevant, heartbreaking look at conversion therapy. Its narrative structure and strong lead performances paint a tragic picture of a young man’s struggle with his identity and his religious upbringing. Although it does [...]

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‘Suspiria’ is Superficial, Not Scary

Courtesy of Amazon Studios The most deceptive film of 2018 has arrived. At first glance, Luca Guadagnino’s “Suspiria” seems to be a complex, spine-chilling remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 cult-classic horror film. However, it is neither of those things. “Suspiria” delivers neither the scares nor the story it advertises so heavily. In fact, “Suspiria” doesn’t [...]

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‘The Guilty’ is Pulse-Pounding but Predictable

Danish director Gustav Moller’s new film, “The Guilty,” is the most stressful movie you’ll watch this year. It’s nearly impossible not to have a physical reaction to the anxious atmosphere it builds and the high-stakes nature of every moment. The film’s inventive storytelling, layered performances and claustrophobic camerawork make it an exhilarating viewing experience. However, [...]

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‘Maniac’ is a Mind-Bending Masterpiece

No matter what genre you are looking for, there is something to love in “Maniac.” A crime caper involving a lemur, a 1940s murder mystery and a mob operation are just a few of the stories that take shape across the 10 episodes of the new Netflix mini-series. The brilliant show is an absurdist, “Inception”-esque [...]

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‘Mandy’ is Nothing More Than Eye Candy

Director Panos Cosmatos demonstrated his bravery with his latest film, “Mandy,” perhaps the most psychedelic, phantasmagoric two hours you will ever spend in a theater. It is relentless, off-putting and absurd. Despite the bizarre nature of his vision, Cosmatos was not deterred from making “Mandy.” The result is a bold, brash film that strings the [...]

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