Oli Turner

Oli Turner (she/her) (25C) is from Manchester, Massachusetts, intending to major in creative writing and computer science. Previously, she was co-editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, interned for the Manchester Cricket, and produced a short video series for a local cable news channel. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys running, sewing, and writing short stories.

Friday night improv: new Rathskellar cast members interact with lively crowd

As campus began to stir with Halloween festivities on Oct. 29, many students found themselves packed into White Hall 111. Audience members spilled onto the stairs in the aisles, some wearing Halloween costumes. Students had gathered to watch a comedy improv show by their peers. Rathskellar Improv, Emory’s only improv comedy troupe, took the stage [...]

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Emory student founds criminal justice reform club

In the 100-degree south Florida heat, Shivani Kumar (23C) visited a prison for the first time, witnessing the inhumane prison conditions that would spur her to found a club to fight for justice reform.  Outside the prison, she saw families waiting for hours in direct sunlight to visit their loved ones. Inside, she learned that [...]

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