Author: Lena Bodenhamer

Read banned books to celebrate intellectual freedom

Anusha Kurapati/Emory Wheel My favorite story book when I was little was “And Tango Makes Three,” written about two male penguins raising a baby at the zoo. But it wasn’t until the fourth grade that I learned my beloved book had another name: banned. Apparently, the story of the same-sex penguin couple was an inappropriate [...]

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Abortion refugees: the future of American abortion bans

Wikimedia Commons/Senate Democrats In 2011, El Salvadoran Maria Teresa Rivera woke up handcuffed to her hospital bed after enduring a miscarriage. In the eyes of Salvadoran law, her miscarriage was a guise for an illegal abortion, and she was sentenced to 40 years in prison for aggravated homicide. Separated from her 12-year-old son for four [...]

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Chain of Change: Students Fight Against Food Insecurity

Changing the world is an ambitious goal, but few act on this desire or know where to start. For Atlanta local Iris Wickham (24C) and her friend Natalia Szalay (24C), their starting point was Emory University’s Dobbs Common Table (DCT).  In 2020, Wickham and Szalay revived the dormant “Emory Food Chain” organization, which aims to [...]

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Vegan Leather Is Not as Sustainable as it May Seem

(Emory Wheel/Gabriella Lewis) As recent data supporting the sustainability of a vegan diet has surfaced, the vegan lifestyle has swept across the United States, and the fashion industry is no exception. Brands and consumers are striving to incorporate veganism into other areas of their lives. From this movement, the vegan leather trend has arisen. Whether [...]

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