Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson (22C) is from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in environmental science. He is a goalkeeper for the Emory men’s soccer team and a transfer from the University of Kentucky, where he also played soccer. Outside of class, Hudson enjoys volunteering at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve and skateboarding.

With Spring Sports Canceled, Student Athletes Seek Alternatives

Note: The individuals in this article are fictitious. When the University made the tough decision to cancel all spring sports, students were left to face another semester without proper entertainment. Many students have made the best out of a difficult situation by finding new ways to entertain themselves. Sports may be cancelled this Spring, but [...]

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Atlanta United’s Troubled Season Comes to an End

After losing 2-1 to the Columbus Crew on Nov. 8, Atlanta United’s hopes of making it to the playoffs for a third consecutive season have been dashed. The team would have needed to win against Columbus and either the Montreal Impact or Chicago Fire needed to lose if Atlanta was to advance to the playoffs. [...]

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On-Campus Classes: A Treacherous Endeavor

The sun beats down as my trusty mule trots along beside me, carrying rations needed for the long journey ahead. I haven’t seen a face in weeks; my only companions are the occasional tumbleweeds that drift aimlessly through these hallowed grounds. Every watering hole has been disconnected, leaving my canteen bone dry until who knows [...]

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Biggest Chokes in Atlanta Sports History

It’s no secret that Atlanta sports, both professionally and on the collegiate level, have struggled when it matters most. For instance, the Atlanta Hawks have not made the NBA Finals in 59 years. Other Atlanta sports teams, too, have struggled in the postseason, the most recent tragedy coming from the Atlanta Braves. The Wheel selected [...]

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NFL’s Inconsistent Mask Protocol Warrants Suspicion

Mask protocol in the U.S. has been anything but consistent. Many Americans still choose not to wear face coverings despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s and World Health Organization’s guidelines, which both recommend wearing masks in public settings and around people who don’t live in your household. Adding to the confusion, the NFL [...]

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