Anwesha Guha

[email protected] | Anwesha Guha (18C) is from Montgomery, Ala., majoring in English and quantitative science with a concentration in biology. She served most recently as news editor. In addition to the Wheel, she researches and tutors.

Candidates Elaborate on Platforms in Debates

SGA Executive Vice President Gurbani Singh (18B) (LEFT) and Nilang Shah (18B) (RIGHT) defend their platforms for the SGA presidency at the annual Wheel Debates March 22. / Ruth Reyes, Photo Editor Six student government candidates discussed their election platforms and answered questions from Emory community members via Twitter, The Emory Wheel, and Wheel Editorial [...]

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College Senior Spurs Call for Emory Korean Major

A petition requesting Emory College of Arts and Sciences to create a Korean major has garnered 165 signatures in the last two weeks. College senior Chaesun Lee wrote and shared the petition on her personal Facebook profile and in Emory class Facebook groups about two weeks ago, along with a survey to gauge student interest [...]

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Emory Students Favor Clinton, Survey Says

With only one week left until the 2016 presidential election, citizens nationwide are preparing to cast ballots for their candidate of choice. The Emory Wheel distributed a survey Thursday, Oct. 20, to gauge the Emory community’s opinions of candidates and policy concerns in the 2016 election. Responses indicate Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as the clear [...]

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