Aidan Vick

Aidan Vick (22C) is from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, and is currently responsible for making the Wheel’s crossword puzzle and newsletter. Outside of the Wheel, he spends his time running 5Ks and obstacle races with other Emory students. He is majoring in English and enjoys heated discussions about literature, sports and fast food. Contact Vick at [email protected]

Brockhampton Relay Past and Present Pains on ‘Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine’

Brockhampton has never been a traditional boy band. This statement may seem eye-rollingly obvious to fans, but the group’s subversion of expectations goes beyond their hip hop influences and commercial independence. While other boy bands often impart vague emotional platitudes in their lyrics, Kevin Abstract and company deliver a specificity and honesty more characteristic of [...]

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