Aidan Vick

Aidan Vick (22C) is from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, and is currently responsible for making the Wheel’s crossword puzzle and newsletter. Outside of the Wheel, he spends his time running 5Ks and obstacle races with other Emory students. He is majoring in English and enjoys heated discussions about literature, sports and fast food. Contact Vick at [email protected]

Tyler, the Creator Showcases Stamina and Sensitivity in Atlanta

The moment Tyler, the Creator stepped onto stage at the State Farm Arena in a green suit and his signature blonde wig and sunglasses, the audience exploded into cheering. It was a fitting way to kick off a remarkably energetic and impassioned performance from one of hip-hop’s most genre-defying artists. The concert, which took place [...]

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Reasons the A&E Staff Didn’t Want to Review ‘Lover’

Courtesy of Republic As the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Wheel, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our writers cover important art releases and events both on and off Emory’s campus. When Taylor Swift released her latest album, “Lover,” I asked my entire team of writers to submit a review. No [...]

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Art to Consume Before College Ends

“Frances Ha” As college students, we may expect to emerge into the world after our four years as fully formed human beings with career paths, relationships and interests all securely in place. Noah Baumbach’s 2012 film, “Frances Ha,” contends that this idea is more fantasy than fact and, more importantly, suggests that uncertainty is not [...]

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Brockhampton Improve Lyrically but Lack Consistency on “Ginger”

Brockhampton creative assistant Weston Freas (Left) and group member Joba (Right) embrace on cover of ‘Ginger’. Courtesy of RCA On Brockhampton’s latest album, “Ginger,” the rap collective and boy band pen their most personal set of lyrics yet. Unfortunately, the songs are often marred by spotty production choices and inconsistent performances. The band primarily consists [...]

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Junior Crafts Vibrant, Affordable Needlepoint Art

Maria McNiece (20B) began making needlepoint art in 2018. She has sold her work to customers nationwide./Photo courtesy Maria McNiece. When Maria McNiece (20B) began making needlepoint in the summer of 2018, she never imagined sharing her pieces with anyone but friends and family. Now, the self-taught artist has sold about 20 original pieces at [...]

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