Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ – these and many other streaming platforms have long become integral parts of our lives. However, while most of us use them for entertainment purposes mostly, they can be pretty educating as well.

Over the past years, the biggest streaming platforms shifted their focus to informative nonfiction content (among other types). Such services revived this genre and made it extremely popular nowadays. How? This article will answer this question.

How Do Documentaries Gain Momentum Through Streaming Services?

Without any doubt, nonfiction films are great in many ways. Not only is it a great way to spend a few hours of your free time with the benefit, but it is also a very modern way to educate ourselves about important issues.

Long gone are the days when books were the only source of valid nonfiction information. Today, you can collect data from various sources, including movies. 

For example, when writing a research paper, students can rely on the facts collected from such works. Of course, they can also rely on professional help at and similar platforms. But, if you decide to cope with the paper on your own, trust us, doing your research through documentaries is much more fun than spending long hours in the library.

Despite all the benefits of watching documentary movies, it seems like this genre used to stay overboard for quite a while. However, today, nonfiction gains momentum. And a big role in this is played by popular streaming services.

So, how so various streaming services commit to the popularization of the genre? Here are the main takeaways.

They Make It Easy to Catch Up With Documentaries

Let’s start with the most obvious way how streaming services like Netflix or Hulu popularize a documentary genre. For one, they make it super easy for the audience! 

Earlier, you would have to visit theaters or subscribe to certain TV channels to watch documentaries. The chances you will come across an engaging nonfiction film or series casually watching TV is not that high. However, streaming services have changed the game.

Now, literally everyone can have plenty of options as they can stream anytime, anywhere.

They Invest in a Documentary Genre

One of the biggest contributions to the development of nonfiction made by streaming platforms is financing. Popular platforms invest heavily in the production of new documentary works. For example, Netflix has long been known for being an investor in the production of exclusive films and series.

What does this have to do with the popularization of the genre? Well, the thing here is that not many companies are willing to finance such films upfront. This fact basically holds directors’ backs from developing this particular sphere. However, with so many streaming platforms that are ready to invest, the documentary genre is now blooming.

They Make Documentary Movies Noticed

The documentary genre is incredibly diverse. While many of us might have heard of some big-name films, there are plenty of less-known works. Those would hardly get noticed by a large audience if it was not for streaming services.

Streaming platforms put documentaries upfront, making them noticed. Speaking of Netflix in particular, its smart recommendation system uses advanced algorithms to determine what you will enjoy watching and suggests the right options. Documentaries appear pretty often. This makes them easily noticed by large audiences.

They Offer a Wide Range of Options

Platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and others have huge databases of shows and films. This fact is yet another crucial factor in the popularization of the genre. Opening their favorite streaming service, users can discover plenty of high-quality nonfictions on literally any subject better. Such diversity allows everyone to find something to suit one’s interests.

They Make Serious Movies Look Fun

During one of the UBS Annual Global Media and Communications Conferences, the chief content officer from Netflix – Ted Sarandos said: “People who have never watched a documentary in their life are watching them on Netflix.” This claim is a clear sign that streaming services do a great job of reviving the genre for large audiences.

The main trick in high-quality nonfiction is to bring up big and important topics. Yet, they keep works engaging and easy to understand for the audience. 

And this is probably the main way how streaming platforms popularize documentaries. They produce lots of great and, most importantly – fun series and movies that make science, history, and other important subjects look fun!

Moreover, there are tons of options for everyone regardless of age or interests. 

The Bottom Line

The times and the world around us are constantly changing. However, there are always some things that remain unchanged. One of them is the importance of self-education.

Moreover, educating ourselves in the 21st century is more important than ever. And that is the biggest reason why the documentary genre should be popularized further.

Nonfiction films and series bring important issues to the table, but, yet, do it in an extremely engaging and captivating way. Today, watching such movies is one of the most pleasurable ways to educate yourself and understand the world around us.

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