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Do you have the heart of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur? 

Does the idea of working from home or anywhere in the world sound appealing to you? 

Then freelance graphic design may be a great career for you! All you need is a computer, internet, business knowledge, and graphic design skills to be successful. 

Graphic designers can take on a variety of freelance projects. From creating logos to blog graphics, graphic designers can find a variety of different projects and contractual work. 

So what makes freelance graphic design work different from the usual 9 to 5? Freelance graphic designers are typically paid on a per project basis or have a contractual position. This means that they are able to work for multiple companies as long as their contract agreements allow. 

They also set their own hours but must meet their deadlines like any other position. 

So, what are some things to know and consider before becoming a graphic designer?

Read on to find out more about freelance graphic design. 

Freelance Graphic Design: Where Art Meets Entrepreneur

Not all freelance graphic designers have college degrees, but almost all of them will need to provide work samples to their potential clients. This means you’ll need a portfolio and potentially your own website as a freelance graphic designer. Explore additional information to know about freelance graphic design before making the leap. 

  1. Tax and Business Laws 

Self-employed individuals pay taxes differently than people employed by a company. Self-employed individuals will need to pay taxes directly to the IRS on a quarterly basis. 

They will also need to complete taxes during regular tax season. You’ll also need to decide on which business structure makes the most sense for your freelance career. Research your local laws to also see if a work permit is necessary for working at home.

It’s also a good idea to hire an accountant for bookkeeping purposes. If you want to do this yourself then computer software is available that can track receipts and invoices. 

  1. Time Management 

Many freelancers struggle with time management. It’s easy to get distracted at home when Game of Thrones articles are just a click away and your bed is nearby. But, if you really want this to work long-term then time management is key. 

You’ll also want to promote work-life balance. This can keep your stress levels in check and your personal life intact. 

  1. Concise Contracts

When signing a contract with a company, make sure to thoroughly read the contract. Make note of the payment terms, amounts, and payment schedule. You’ll also want to make sure that the deadline is reasonable. 

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to more projects than you can handle. 

  1. Get a Toolkit

All artists need a toolkit and graphic designers are no different. By now, you probably have a list of your favorites, but many apps and computer programs exist to make your job a little easier. For example, check out Twitch banner template to create banner designs for your website or a client’s. 

Freelance Graphic Design: Is It Right for You?  

Freelance graphic design isn’t right for everyone. But, you’ll never know until you try! 

By following these tips, learning how to snag clients and having patience, you can be a successful freelance graphic designer.

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