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Abolish the Monarchy? It’s Complicated. | Global With Gupta

Graphic by Amy Xia, Contributing Illustrator Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step down as senior British royals, the Windsor Family is now plagued with accusations of racism, insensitivity and elitism. Calls to abolish the monarchy have gained traction as Britons and the rest of the world recognize the archaic institutions and ideals [...]

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Big Tech Goes to War | Global With Gupta

Twitter’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump’s account following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has raised questions about social media and technology companies’ control over the freedoms of speech and expression. Should such platforms be allowed to censor and regulate who posts on online platforms and what they post? How can social media combat [...]

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COVID-19: A Paradigm Shift in Personal Liberties | Global With Gupta

As much of the world is left reeling from fresh lockdowns to curb new strains of the novel coronavirus, debates surrounding the best way to address this pandemic resurface. After all, lockdowns are expensive. So why do countries keep reverting to such costly ways of reducing the spread of COVID-19? In the past year, we’ve [...]

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India’s Farmers Present a National Identity Crisis | Global With Gupta

What happens when a nation attempts to shed its founding philosophy?  Over the past few weeks, thousands of Indian farmers, particularly those from the state of Punjab, have protested the farm bills passed in September by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. The new laws seek to open up India’s heavily regulated agricultural industry to the [...]

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