Category: Campus Life

Sophomore Advisors Push for Compensation

With COVID-19 campus guidelines escalating student staff stress this year, Sophomore Advisors (SAs) are requesting compensation from the University.  Unlike Resident Advisors (RAs), who are compensated with $8,984 in housing, a $1,500 stipend and two credit hours for a training course, SAs are volunteers. SA benefits include early residence hall check-in, a move-in T-shirt, training [...]

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Potential WeChat Ban Leaves International Students Disconcerted, Tense

Following the Trump administration’s recently announced ban on WeChat, Chinese international students expressed fear that the ban on WeChat could lead to being completely cut off from family and friends back home. However, since Sept. 20, the ban on WeChat and another Chinese-owned app, TikTok, has been halted. The Commerce Department cited national security concerns [...]

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Georgia Youth for Biden Galvanize Student Voters

The newly-formed Georgia Youth for Biden Leadership Council held its first press conference on Sept. 23, in which council co-chairs explained the importance of young voter participation in electing former Vice President Joe Biden to the presidency.  The council, a local campaign arm of the nationwide “Students for Biden” initiative, is comprised of 18- to [...]

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