Typically composed of journalists with wide-ranging areas of expertise, editorial boards serve a vital role for newspapers. The primary role of an editorial board is to research and discuss issues of importance and to write editorials that represent the position of the board, publisher and paper. Editorials differ from op-eds, columns and letters to the editor in that only an editorial represents institutional support, on behalf of the paper, for a stance or idea. Publicly submitted op-eds, columns and letters to the editor represent only the views of the writer. For almost 100 years, editors of The Emory Wheel have served on the paper’s Editorial Board. Each week, editors investigated and discussed issues of importance to the Emory community. Recently, the Wheel’s Editorial Board has taken stances on the vital nature of free speech on college campusesthe importance of safe spacesissues with the current add/drop/swap system and racial injustice at Emory. In Spring 2016, the Wheel’s Editorial Board voted to amend the paper’s constitution and form an editorial board independent from the rest of the paper.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


The Emory Wheel is seeking members for the Editorial Board. Prospective members are encouraged to apply if they desire to seek the truth, have an interest in discussing pressing issues with fellow students and enjoy persuasive writing. In 2019, the Board won the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Award for Editorial Writing, beating out finalists from Auburn University (Ala.) and the University of Alabama. The Wheel submitted three editorials to the competition, and you can read about them here. Students of all years, including graduate students, are encouraged to apply to be part of the Wheel’s Editorial Board. Board members are expected to commit six to 10 hours a week to board meetings, where ideas will be debated and discussed. Each member of the Editorial Board will not be expected to handle the writing of each week’s editorials, but will be involved in the reporting and discussion of each. Individual members will write a few editorials each semester. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


We are looking for students of all interests, backgrounds and beliefs. Regardless of if you feel the Bern or want to build a wall, spend all day studying or protesting, if you are interested in making a positive impact on to the Emory community and believe you would be a good fit on the Editorial Board, we encourage you to apply. The application for the spring semester has closed, but it will reopen early this fall and will be accessible through this page.

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