A wedding is a stinking event not only for the newlyweds but also for the invitees. The question of how much to give at a wedding becomes obvious and leaves you uncertain. You can turn to wedding etiquette to find the answer, but don’t expect to find clear instructions there. We suggest using our tips to figure out how much cash is appropriate to give at a wedding.

How Much Should You Give at a Wedding?

Gone are the days when guests came to a ceremony with purchased gifts in beautiful boxes. Nowadays, pragmatic guests prefer to give money. And then, let the newlyweds decide for themselves what to spend it on. So, how much do you give per person at a wedding?

The etiquette suggests that the wedding gift amount for a guest can be about $50-100. Sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, and nephews give $100-150. Is $100 enough for a wedding gift from a couple? Yes, it is pretty enough if you are not a mother of the bride or any other close relative. But don’t worry, these figures are very conditional. You cannot force a person to give more or less.

What Does Wedding Etiquette Recommend About Giving Cash as a Wedding Gift?

For modern newlyweds, money as a gift is a great idea. Since many people are now in no hurry to get married and prefer to settle their relationship later, presents are optional, especially if they are far from their expectations. It is much better to get money and invest in a trip or new furniture for the living room. How much cash to give at a wedding depends on the following factors:

  • Guest capabilities.
  • Family ties with newlyweds.
  • The amount that the newlyweds spend on each guest in the restaurant.

Important: As per wedding etiquette, it is best to refrain from bringing cash to the ceremony. Please send it in advance or transfer money to the newlyweds’ account. Opening a particular wedding account is a new trend that makes life easier for guests and newlyweds.

How Much Spend on a Shower Gift and a Wedding Gift?

As a responsible guest, you will buy two gifts for the events you attend. This doesn’t mean you have to overpay! What is the average amount of money given at a wedding? According to generally accepted standards, a person spends an average of $100 -150. Divide this amount by two in any percentage, and you can spend $50 on an engagement and about $75-100 on a wedding gift. You can do without a present if you miss your visit this time.

Bottom Line

No special rules in this case! There are recommendations you can miss or follow. You can go right if you consider $100 as your starting point. How much to give at a wedding depends on your budget, connections, and the cost of attending the wedding. There is no upper limit!

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