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How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

University Life and Stress College is an exciting time for young adults. It is full of new challenges, opportunities, and experiences. While these may be exhilarating, they can leave a college student feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The mounting pressure, workload, and expenses of higher education has a way of building up which often leads to [...]

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How to Write University Exam Papers Fast and Effectively

As each university semester comes to a close, students everywhere ask the same question: How can I write my university exam papers quickly and effectively? With students taking more courses than ever before, it can become a challenge to keep up with the crushing number of papers that the average student faces at the end [...]

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4 Best Places to Sell Textbooks That Savvy Students Love

Did you know that the average college student spends $600 on textbooks per year? The worst part is that these books are only going to get more expensive over time. Why? Publishers tend to release new, costlier editions every year. Want to keep up with your class? Then you’ll have to shell out the money. [...]

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