Zimra Chickering

Zimra Chickering (24C) was born and raised in Chicago and plans to major in art history and nutrition science. She is a representative of Slow Food Emory and a volunteer at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Chickering can be found cooking for her friends and family, taking long walks and drinking tea. She uses writing as an outlet to reflect upon issues with current visual art institutions, imagine the wonderful ways we can transform artistic platforms and address accessibility to both the arts and food. Contact Chickering at [email protected]

New Carlos Museum Exhibition Is ‘Wondrous’ to Behold

“Wondrous Worlds: Art & Islam Through Time & Space” is frankly the most appropriate title for the newest rotating exhibition at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, on view through May 9. I was filled with awe as I meandered through the galleries, feeling like I entered a new time and space with every piece I [...]

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There’s More to Classical Art Than Meets the Eye

Lately, I have been feeling as though classical art has become overrated. From dramatic TikTok recreations of famous artworks to trendy tattoos of Michelangelo’s “David” and the “Creation of Adam,” our definition of classical art stems from later interpretations of it and gets treated as a homogenous, unchanging canon. Since hearing this year’s Nix Mann [...]

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Art With a Purpose: The Paccha, an Incan Planting Vessel

The paccha, a ritual watering vessel. (Michael C. Carlos Museum/Michael McKelvey) We rarely value the artistic merit of functional objects. However, respecting both the function and the beauty of an object begets a deeper understanding of that object, artistic or otherwise.  Many ancient civilizations, including the Incan people who lived in the southern highlands of [...]

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‘Artemisia’ National Gallery Tour Celebrates Female Artists and Academics

This review contains mentions of sexual assault.  The COVID-19 pandemic has seen musical artists performing over Zoom, Michelin-starred restaurants serving food in plastic to-go containers and mannequins replacing humans at professional sports games. Entertainment has certainly had to adapt and museums are no exception. The National Gallery of London set a fantastic example of this [...]

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