Zimra Chickering

Zimra Chickering (24C) was born and raised in Chicago and plans to major in art history and nutrition science. She is a representative of Slow Food Emory and a volunteer at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Chickering can be found cooking for her friends and family, taking long walks and drinking tea. She uses writing as an outlet to reflect upon issues with current visual art institutions, imagine the wonderful ways we can transform artistic platforms and address accessibility to both the arts and food. Contact Chickering at [email protected]

From Keyboard Artistry to Antisemitism: Bach Livestream Inspires

Seeing teachers, professors, deans or principals outside of an educational setting is an unexpected and often disarming surprise for most students of any age. However, Professor of Organ at the Department of Music Timothy Albrecht’s livestream performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, on Sept. 27 was quite the opposite. I left the [...]

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Inhale, Exhale: How an Inhaler Became a Pop-Up Art Gallery

I would typically associate an inhaler with the words “asthma,” “health” or “medicine.” Rarely would I expect an inhaler to be seen as art. However, Emory students looking for some light-hearted humor and a way to meet their first-year colleagues were willing to cross these boundaries. We’ve seen the myriad ways people try to connect [...]

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