Zimra Chickering

Zimra Chickering (24C) was born and raised in Chicago and plans to major in art history and nutrition science. She is a representative of Slow Food Emory and a volunteer at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Chickering can be found cooking for her friends and family, taking long walks and drinking tea. She uses writing as an outlet to reflect upon issues with current visual art institutions, imagine the wonderful ways we can transform artistic platforms and address accessibility to both the arts and food. Contact Chickering at [email protected]

‘Each/Other’: a groundbreaking exhibit opening at the Carlos

“This is an evening of firsts, but this certainly won’t be the last,” declared Beth Michel, associate dean of admission and lead for Native American Outreach at Emory. The new “Each/Other” exhibit at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, open from Sept. 25 to Dec. 12, features the innovative works of contemporary Indigenous artists Marie Watt [...]

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Why the Jewish high holidays offer a perfect queer, religious intersection | Let’s Be Perfectly Queer

(Unsplash/Lavi Perchik) When one hears “religious holiday,” the first word to enter their mind is not typically “queer.” However, as a bisexual, queer Jew from a queer household, the Jewish high holidays have always felt like a unique way to connect to one’s LGBTQIA+ identity, spirit, body and space.  The high holidays begin with Rosh [...]

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