Author: Zimra Chickering

High Museum Pride Frequency Friday: Queer joy at its finest

We don’t always see spaces made for the celebration of the LGBTQ community’s joy, talent and connection — especially in major cultural institutions. Even originally safe or revolutionary spaces have changed rapidly over time, like gay bars or pride parades co-opted by non-queer people. And, while art museums have not historically been the most queer-friendly [...]

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From benches to Bach: The best free public art on campus

As you’re running between classes, eating a banana, texting a friend or waving to a professor, there is often not a moment to rest for many college students. However, in the few minutes between classes or walking back to your dorm, you can find public art to experience and appreciate, sometimes hidden in plain sight, [...]

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Irises looking at irises: Illuminarium’s O’Keeffe One Hundred Flowers experience

The first article I ever wrote for the Emory Wheel’s queer column was about Georgia O’Keeffe, the iconic modernist painter who forever transformed American art with her exploration of color, scale, ambiguity and abstraction. For those unfamiliar with her name, you will likely recognize her famous flower paintings; she created about 200 large, vibrant, carefully [...]

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