Zimra Chickering

Zimra Chickering (24C) was born and raised in Chicago and plans to major in art history and nutrition science. She is a representative of Slow Food Emory and a volunteer at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Chickering can be found cooking for her friends and family, taking long walks and drinking tea. She uses writing as an outlet to reflect upon issues with current visual art institutions, imagine the wonderful ways we can transform artistic platforms and address accessibility to both the arts and food. Contact Chickering at [email protected]

Art Exhibit ‘That Breeze Just Keeps Blowing Over Me’ Blew Me Away

While professors use lectures to demonstrate their expertise to students, they often convey their true virtuosity in creative projects, groundbreaking research, papers and studies outside of the classroom. Visual arts professor Dana Haugaard is no exception. Haugaard is a practicing artist who regularly exhibits his work nationally and locally, and I was lucky to attend [...]

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Bisa Butler Weaves a Narrative: Textiles as Portraiture

Among the sins of the art world, few are as awful as intentional exclusion and marginalization of minorities. For centuries, both the medium of textiles and the narratives of people of color have been systematically excluded from the top-tier of the art historical canon, which has largely been dominated by oil paintings and classical sculpture [...]

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