The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Zero Waste Policy Implementation Sloppy

Although the University implemented its new Zero Landfill Waste policy in an attempt to go green, the policy’s execution has been less than satisfactory. Last month on behalf of Campus Services and Emory’s Office of Sustainability, standardized color-coded recycling, composting and waste stations were installed on Emory property. Desk-side waste bins vanished from University offices [...]

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AP, IB Credit Changes Poorly Justified

As prospective Emory students prepare for end-of-year Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, the Class of 2022 must take into account that Emory will now accept only 12 pre-matriculation test credits instead of 24 and has cut the list of exams it will grant credit for, as the Wheel reported last week. While [...]

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Faculty Race, Gender Inequities Unacceptable

The Class and Labor Phase 2 Committee’s recently released executive summary of its report contains critical findings that impact the Emory community, several of which we addressed in last week’s editorial. This editorial is the second installment in the Editorial Board’s review of the executive summary. According to the Class and Labor executive summary of [...]

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Banning Joint Candidacy An Ineffective Change

Removing joint candidacy in the Student Government Association (SGA) executive elections is illogical and will lead to disjointed leadership and inefficient legislating. Bill 51sl40, which legislators will vote on during Monday’s meeting, would eliminate joint tickets and joint campaigning in an effort to eliminate running mate ambiguity and incentivize more students to run for executive [...]

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Faculty Workplace Inequities Deserve Scrutiny, Action

If Emory does not address the pay discrepancies and roadblocks facing its faculty, the University will struggle to retain talented professors and academic life will suffer. In October 2013, then-Provost Claire E. Sterk and Executive Vice President for Business Administration Michael Mandl charged the Class and Labor: Faculty Committee with conducting a University-wide review of [...]

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