Lauren Balotin

Lauren is an Environmental Science and Media Studies double major from Braselton, Georgia. She is a staff writer for the Emory Wheel, a member of Pi Beta Phi, president of Emory Running Club and a member of the Emory Environment Senate Committee. In her free time, she likes to play with her four dogs, including one named Kat!

Emory Study Examines Disparities Among Asthma Patients

The reason black asthma patients tend to have more severe health outcomes than white asthma patients may be due to socioeconomic and environmental inequalities rather than genetic differences, according to a study conducted by Emory researchers published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Black asthma patients tend to visit the emergency room and [...]

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Emory Study: Toddlers Respond to Perceived Evaluation at 24 Months

Two Emory psychologists found that toddlers at just 24 months begin to modify their behavior in response to the presence and judgement of others, about two to three years younger than researchers previously believed.   Doctoral candidate Sara Valencia Botto (19G) and Professor of Psychology Philippe Rochat found that not only were toddlers able to [...]

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Campus Services to Standardize Waste Bins

This recycling centre will be replaced with a standardized one in January 2018./Parth Mody, Photo Editor Emory Campus Services spent between $200,000 to $300,000 to purchase new waste bins and signs to comply with Emory’s new waste management policy, which will be implemented January 2018, according to Vice President for Campus Services Matthew Early. The [...]

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Ant Venom Could Treat Psoriasis, Emory Researchers Find

Using ant venom, Emory and Case Western Reserve University (Ohio) researchers have discovered a potential treatment for psoriasis, a common autoimmune skin disease. Fire ant venom contains solenopsin, an organic compound that inflicts pain when humans are bitten, according to School of Medicine Professor of Dermatology Jack Arbiser. However, solenopsin also has properties similar to [...]

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News Roundup | 10.4.17

Scharf, Bender-Bier Appointed to CC Adam Scharf (18C) and Diana Bender-Bier (18C) were appointed College Council (CC) senior legislators through an unanimous vote by legislators, according to a Sept. 28 email from CC President Cassidy Schwartz (18C) to the Wheel. Scharf and Bender-Bier are filling the two positions that opened last month when two senior [...]

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