Joe Beare

Joe Beare (23C) is from London, majoring in political science and history. Beare is a player on the Emory men’s soccer team and enjoys reading, discussing politics and watching soccer with his friends. He intends to go to law school and run for elected office in the U.S.

The Trump Presidency: A Catastrophic Low for America’s Reputation

In 1939, my grandfather arrived at Ellis Island as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. America was the antithesis of the nations from which he and other immigrants fled — a safe haven where responsible politicians shunned the demagoguery that characterized much of Europe at the time.  To be clear, America was not, and still [...]

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The Case for a Centrist Democratic Party

Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the U.S. While pleased that my preferred candidate won, I remain skeptical about the Democratic Party’s future. As a left-leaning centrist and an ardent supporter of Israel, my fear is this: Biden’s election may only represent a temporary victory for the reasonable, Clintonian approach to governance championed [...]

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If You’re a Jew, Don’t Support Trump

Former U.K. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks once said that living a Jewish life requires “taking a stand against the corrosive power of hate.” Jews know all too well what it feels like to be demonized and alienated by right-wing populists. Yet, there are some Jewish Emory students who have excused themselves of the responsibility advocated [...]

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