Author: Elaine Zhou

Alex G brings poignancy, absurdity to Variety Playhouse

The saddest song I know — I say with the utmost admiration — is “Advice” by Alex G. Pennsylvania-bred Alexander Giannascoli, formerly known as Sandy, comforts his fans with dark, disorienting instrumentals adorned with angelic vocals: the sonic embodiment of nostalgia. But, you can’t box him in either. His experimentation with noise, personas and songwriting [...]

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A&E’s Favorite Releases of the Summer

What a summer for new art. We got albums from some of the biggest artists, from “Gemini Rights” by Steve Lacy to “Special” by Lizzo to “Renaissance” by Beyoncé. We’ve seen the return of the summer blockbuster with films like “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Nope.” T.V. series have also been increasing in size and scale, [...]

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New Jersey, eccentric instruments, and a lot of gratitude: The Front Bottoms’ Brian Sella on the music-making process and return to live shows

Brian Sella performing in Atlanta - (The Emory Wheel / Elaine Zhou) Some bands you discover on an arbitrary night in 8th grade, and they hold your head up high through the countless heartbreaks and coming-of-age anxieties symptomatic of your emerging teenagehood. New Jersey-bred band The Front Bottoms does just that with tracks that transcend [...]

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