Christina Yan

Executive Editor | [email protected] Christina Yan (21B) is from Monmouth Junction, N.J., majoring in business administration. She previously served as assistant news editor and news editor. She won a 2018 Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists in the General News Reporting category for her coverage of Emory Law Professor Paul J. Zwier II’s use of the N-word in class and also placed as a finalist in the same category for her investigation of the 2018 Student Government Association elections. Outside the Wheel, she is an academic fellow, QTM100 lab assistant and a member of Emory China Care's marketing team. In her spare time, she enjoys flexing on others with her ability to eat spicy food.

College Council Gives $4K to BBA Council

College Council (CC) will transfer about $4,000 of its funds to various clubs chartered under BBA Council by the end of the week, according to BBA Council President Jay Krishnaswamy (16Ox, 19B). It is unclear how CC approved the transfer. Krishnaswamy said he had “no idea” how it was approved, and CC President Radhika Kadakia [...]

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College Council Seeks to Fill Vacant Positions

College Council (CC) is appointing five new legislators to occupy vacant elected positions, according to CC Vice President Hemal Prasad (19C). The vacated spots are two senior legislator positions, two junior legislator positions and one sophomore legislator position. Applications for the positions closed on Sunday night, and Prasad and CC President Radhika Kadakia (20C) will [...]

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Student Government Leaders Consider Modifying SAF Split

Top student government leaders are planning to present a bill that seeks to change the Student Activity Fee (SAF) split based on the results of a Fall 2018 audit. The audit would track student participation in clubs and events across all undergraduate divisions because “the Student Government Association seeks to revise the Student Activity Fee [...]

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News Roundup | 8.8.18

Judge Upholds Full Restoration of DACA A D.C. federal judge upheld an order to the U.S. government to restore and continue accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program after finding that the Trump administration has failed to provide adequate reason to end the program, according to court documents. The DACA program, [...]

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