Rebecca Frischling

Rebecca Frischling (23C) is a sophomore in the college, originally from Santa Monica, CA. She is majoring in history with a concentration in law, economics, and human rights, and minoring in anthropology. In addition to the Wheel, Becca serves as the Music Director for chaiTunes a cappella, and is also involved with Emory Hillel and is a member of the Emory University Chorus.

Top study spots for every learner

With the school year finally upon us,  the return to Emory University marks an even bigger transition than the start of a new year typically does. Heading back to campus after over a year of virtual schooling is incredibly exciting; however, there are of course challenges ahead. After this year of distant learning, it’s time [...]

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Adaptation and Uncertainty: Seniors Describe the 2020-2021 Graduate School Application Cycle

Virtually every aspect of life for college students, and the rest of the world, has been reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this year’s graduating seniors, this includes not only their academics and coursework but also figuring out the next steps after graduation. While some are searching for employment in an increasingly competitive job market, [...]

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How Alumni Marketed the COVID-19 Human Vaccine Trials

Representing the best chance at a return to normalcy, the Pfizer N-BioTech and Moderna vaccines have come to symbolize a source of light after nearly an entire year of darkness. Convincing people to participate in the human trials, however, was key to ensuring the vaccines were safe and effective.  The Emory Vaccine Clinic (EVC), which [...]

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