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With so many online casinos online, we break down five factors that will help you find the best gambling establishments on the Internet.



After the rise of the Internet and online banking, there’s no shortage of websites where you can play blackjack online for real money from the comfort of your own home, along with other casino games. The quality of these sites varies, and some use predatory or even fraudulent practices to take advantage of distant gamblers who can’t hold them accountable. 

That’s why you must consider these five factors when choosing your online casino. They will ensure you’re not just playing at a legitimate gambling establishment, you’re also playing at a high-quality one that offers a good service.

1. Website Quality

The first thing you notice when you visit a site, whether you realize it or not, is how well the site is built. It can take some time to make a website that looks good, especially if many plug-ins and visual displays are running seamlessly at the same time.

A website that looks good is indicative that the owners care about it, maintain it, and will offer high-quality gaming. Fraudsters won’t make a top-tier website if they’re planning on pulling the rug and leaving clients without their deposits.

You should look for a site that’s easy to navigate, loads and runs fast on your device, and has a simple design with a pleasing aesthetic. Good, modernized websites also run with mobiles and other handheld devices, since that’s how more and more people are connecting to the Internet.

Just remember that if a site looks good, it probably is. If a site looks off, it probably is.

2. Reputation

Fortunately for you, you’re not the first person to grace the Internet. This means that thousands have looked at the selection of online gambling venues and have judged them based on their quality. While everybody has preferences, something is wrong if a website has a bad reputation in online gambling spaces.

Many businesses live or die by their reputation and gambling sites are no different. You can check what people are saying through review platforms and forums oriented around online gambling. If the site has some good fanfare, even if it’s just a little, then it should be okay. If a site has a lot of negative reviews, then you know something has provoked that reaction from customers.

You should also check with relevant authorities to see if the site is registered. If the site claims to be registered at a location but it isn’t signed with the local gambling regulators, then it’s a bad site to put your money into. A Google search on the site and if it has any prior scandals is also a good idea.

3. Withdrawal Processes

If a site looks good and seems legitimate from its interactions online, the ultimate test is to deposit a small amount of money and then try to get it back. The process should be timely, with no hoops to jump through or delays to your payment.

If the process is fast and not complex, then that wins over a site that makes things difficult. After all, who wants to wait or put in work to access winnings that are already in their account?

4. Game Variety

Sites that comply with the first three points should be legitimate, high-quality sites that are worth your time. That said, do they have games you like? You should compare the variety of games between gambling sites. A larger library isn’t necessarily better if it’s a large library of games you don’t like.

Start playing to see if you have any favorites. Many sites allow players to play in a non-gambling mode so that they can practice and get a feel for the games they’re later wagering on.

5. Available Bonuses/Prizes

To stand out from the thousands of gambling sites out there, pretty much everybody will offer bonuses and prizes to their players. Most bonuses apply to beginners, so you can quickly see and compare the bonuses that sites offer. Bonuses are essentially free money on the table, so you should take it.

Prizes tend to be reserved for skilled and loyal players but they should be visible for everybody on-site. They’ll typically offer prizes at special events too, to celebrate certain occasions. Nothing is stopping you from having multiple accounts on sites to get as many bonuses and prizes as possible, as long as you gamble responsibly.