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A Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine Voice Exists

Being pro-Israel and anti-occupation are not contradicting views: In order for Israel to be a democracy, Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and East Jerusalem must end. I have felt very alone at Emory on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially this week. I don’t feel welcome by the Zionist organizations, [...]

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Fake Eviction Flyers Polarized Already Divided Campus Dialogue

The recent protest by Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP), which involved posting fake eviction notices on student doors, received undeserved praise for initiating discussion from Anthony Wong (21C) in a Wheel op-ed on Wednesday. Unfortunately, these flyers have damaged the discussion about the treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank [...]

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Amid Protests, Careful Language Needed

I fully support protests against the unjust demolition of Palestinian villages, but Anthony Wong's (21C) op-ed contains two notable flaws that undermine his argument. First, the comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany reflects some combination of gross insensitivity, lack of proper editorial discretion and immaturity. It is patently offensive to the memory of Jews who [...]

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After Eviction Notices, Dialogue About Palestine is Crucial

Some Emory students woke up to find fake eviction notices posted on their doors on April 2. These flyers were posted by members and allies of Emory Students for Justice in Palestine (ESJP) to raise awareness about forced evictions of Palestinians. The protests were a part of Israeli Apartheid Week, which coincides with Emory’s Israel [...]

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