Asser Shahin

Asser Shahin (19L) is from Alexandria, Egypt and is a recent graduate from the School of Law. Before coming to Emory, he earned an M.D., and he now plans to start medical residency while combining his interests to affect healthcare policy. In his free time he enjoys backpacking, running and playing with his small terrier.

The U.S. Must Grant Extended Stays for International Students

Today, over one million international students live and study in the U.S., but following the nationwide wave of university closures, many have been struggling to leave in order to comply with visa requirements. The U.S. government must grant an extension of stay for all international students who have applied for non-frivolous reasons.   Government agencies are [...]

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Trump Administration’s Policies Harm Undocumented Immigrants

Due to recent changes in immigration enforcement, the state of Georgia is currently an inhospitable environment for undocumented immigrants. With random raids on Latino-owned stores, a new federal interpretation to the Public Charge Grounds and a hiring system employers must now follow all contribute to this problem. Over the past few decades, thousands of Latino [...]

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