Adam Heckman

Adam Heckman (21C) is from Athens, Georgia, majoring in film and media studies and psychology. He likes movies, video games, hiking and soccer.

Students Fight Against a Loneliness Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged Americans emotionally, socially and economically — and its destruction is far from over. As social distancing measures leave thousands in their homes, many senior citizens, the group most vulnerable to the virus, have been faced a disproportionate risk of physical and mental harm. Rafey Khan (21C), Leanne Jeong (22C), Lia [...]

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Professor Scours Globe to Transform Western Medicine With Medical Plants

For the average American, the term “plant-based” evokes images of dietary supplements and alternative herbal medicines. For many areas of the world, however, plants are the primary source of health care. Assistant Professor of Dermatology and ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave (00C) travels the world to study how plants are used in different cultures as food, medicine [...]

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