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Anyone who watches football or almost any other massively popular sport will notice that gambling companies often sponsor some of the teams. But, how exactly do these companies benefit from supporting big soccer teams?  After all, there are lots of sports betting and casino operators on that don’t bother with this sort of marketing. They simply rely on bonus offers and game selection to attract new players. So, if they started investing a lot of money in these sponsorships would they also see high returns?

Due to the ever-changing legislative landscape, it’s becoming difficult for gambling companies to advertise their products. Moreover, it seems that brand names of casinos and sportsbooks won’t appear on players’ jerseys moving forward. In a way, this makes it less likely for online casino real money platforms available in Ireland and abroad to invest in this marketing strategy.  Many of their users are only interested in slots and table games from top software developers. They don’t care whether these operators support football teams. So, let’s unravel this mystery and see why these sponsorship deals are still a thing.

Positive Brand Association

Some of the sponsors are not regular businesses or big companies. They are huge entertainment conglomerates that have been around for decades. They are generally under public scrutiny and they don’t have to fight to increase brand visibility. Their only goal is to gain positive brand association.

Big businesses like Caesars Entertainment don’t exclusively earn from online gambling. They want to be appealing to tourists from all over the US. So, when they sponsor an NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, that has undergone significant changes this year, that’s just good PR. It’s an especially altruistic move since there are no Caesar Entertainment establishments in Atlanta.

Increased Brand Awareness

Many operators who are growing on an international level, want to get additional exposure or increase brand awareness. Although European clubs have strict advertising laws, there are other relevant markets that don’t have the same constraints. We are seeing online operators sponsoring teams in Nigeria like Kwara Utd and Akwa United. 

Different laws for advertising in Nigeria allow operators to be displayed on the jerseys and these sponsorships are really useful for the teams. It helps them foster additional talent and get their players into the big league. Of course, there were other famous Nigerian football players throughout history. However, with additional financing, we might see them more frequently.

Of course, brand awareness is a very relevant metric in this business. Online casinos need to be trustworthy in order for new players to sign up. If they appear at big events, it’s more likely that users will sign up with those operators.

Finally, even if online gambling sites cannot be displayed on jerseys, there are still plenty of other ways to advertise their logo and brand. During these events, there are press conferences, with big panels where all of the sponsors are displayed. It’s easy to spot gambling logos there.  

Gamblers Want to Support Their Favorite Teams or Players

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The football audience mainly consists of men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. These age groups are very important to the online gambling industry. The majority of gamblers come from this demographic. Therefore, if operators are visible to this user group during big football matches, it will definitely have an impact on user acquisition.

There are certain European football clubs have big and strong fans base:

  • AC Milan
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Everton

They aren’t just loved in their hometown, they have supporters all over the world. Those who love these teams and who enjoy sports betting will likely opt for operators that support their favorite team.  This same logic applies to football players who are brand ambassadors for casinos and sportsbooks. When big stars like Ronaldo, Neymar, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic endorse a certain brand, that company will definitely have a noticeable spike in user activity. 

Exclusive Rights During the Matches

Finally, there are instances where sponsoring a team or a big match can be really lucrative for operators.  It’s not uncommon for spectators to place live bets during matches. It’s possible to have a wi-fi connection that only allows users to connect to the sponsor’s betting site. They are also likely to give a promo code during the match to incentivize guests to create an account and try out their site.  Under these conditions sponsoring teams can result in big returns.


Football is growing all over the world. This latest FIFA world cup has shown that countries like Japan, Morocco, and Cameroon, can exceed all of our expectations. Gambling sponsors can provide meaningful financial support and help players all over the world improve. Due to the controversies that surround this hobby, it’s normal for big operators to show this type of support. It is their way of giving back to the community.

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