I can no longer walk back to my dorm room without being reminded of the gap that exists between much of Emory’s student body and a sense of responsibility. Trash bags overflow from the landfill bins meant for styrofoam and compostable materials lie on top of the plastics bin, blocking the lid. I can’t properly dispose of my waste without cleaning up my peers’ messes.

Just because it’s more convenient to throw unsorted trash bags into the landfill containers doesn’t mean that it’s good for people around you — much less the environment. Instead of adding more to the plates of Emory’s janitorial employees, students should be more mindful. Our failure to not expend the modicum of effort required to keep garbage from piling up is appalling, and I hope engagement with a simple recycling policy isn’t too much to ask of the Emory student body.

Isaiah Sirois (20C) is from Nashua, N.H.