Taste of Emory 2014- you came, you saw, you conquered. But mostly, you waited. And waited. And then waited. We at the Wheel sympathize with you and your noble quest for free food and the shortest line. We “know that feel.” So without further ado, we present to you: your reaction to Taste of Emory.

You were (secretly) pumped all day. Because free food.


So when it hit 5:30, you assembled your “crew” and headed to McDonough.


But when you got there, you saw something shocking.


The lines.




Seriously. What did you do to deserve this?


Nothing. You did nothing to deserve this.


So you gave yourself time to grieve.


But then, you pulled yourself back together. Not because you wanted to, but because you had to.


So you got into line. And you waited.


And waited.


And kept waiting.


But then – the line started to move!


And you started getting closer!


You were so close that you could almost taste it!


Then you got to the front of the line. You had arrived!!!


And……………… they gave you half a scoop of ice cream.


– By Jenna Kingsley