Winter has fallen upon Atlanta. Due to a wide, sometimes confusing, range of temperatures, Atlanta’s winter fashion can be a struggle. Georgia temperatures are so diverse during the day that it can be 45 degrees at 8 a.m., but 70 degrees by lunchtime. Here are a few tips to embrace the winter trends.

Puffer Coats

These warm and cozy coats are perfect to wear to morning classes. They can be removed when the day begins to warm, but brought back in action for the cool evenings. Puffer coats can also be worn on a night out. A metallic puffer coat paired with a little black dress is stylish yet practical for enjoying a winter evening of fun.

Navy Overcoats and Trench Coats

This classic piece is easy to pair with jeans, evening wear and everything in between. Navy blue is neutral and can be matched easily with any color. Trench coats can be worn on days unseasonably warm for winter (too cold for a jacket but too hot for a wool coat).  A unique and exciting way to style a trench coat is to wear a patent trench coat, which offers more warmth than a lighter counterpart without causing you to overheat.

Faux fur stoles

Real or faux, furs have been popular this year. Faux fur stoles can brighten up your outfit and add some texture. Easy to remove in heated classrooms, faux fur stoles are brilliant statement pieces: layer one on top of a chic sweater or drape one around your shoulders as a fur collar to sport this trend while keeping cool.

Animal Prints

This winter, animal — especially cat — prints are trending. Designs ranging from little fishes, funny parrots, roaring panthers and snakes to elegant swans are popular on the runway this season. Cat patterns are particularly popular and have been featured in many winter designer collections. From kitty jewelry to reworked classic leopard prints, there’s no shortage of inspiration to sink your claws into.


Velvet is a rich and luxurious fabric. Usually meant to be worn for special occasions, velvet is back in street style. Arriving in a shocking array of bright hues, velvet is no longer the fabric of dark, romantic, gothic evening-only clothes. You’ll find it used in everything from pant suits to thigh-high boots.


Turtlenecks were popular in the fall and are still going strong through the winter. These are great pieces — especially for layering with dresses, blouses and more. Turtlenecks can be goofy or sophisticated, depending on the style. You can rock a cold shoulder turtleneck or an oversized printed sweater. With Christmas around the corner, feel free to experiment with some tacky sweaters.