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The Heart of the Matter

I was born into the racial reckoning set in motion by Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Movement, and what many hoped would be the end to racial segregation. Explicit posters and signs may be gone —“No Irish Need Apply,” “We Serve Whites Only — No Spanish or Mexicans,” “Gentiles Only,” “Chinese? [...]

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1963: Emory’s Refounding

Picture this: a small group of Methodist ministers build a university from the ground up, against all odds, while dreaming of a place to build character and sharpen minds. They struggle to make ends meet for years until a “million-dollar letter” and land donated by the Coca-Cola Company paves the way for the acclaimed powerhouse [...]

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Our Buildings Bear Confederate Names. This Cannot Stand.

In November, President-elect Joe Biden unexpectedly won Georgia in the 2020 presidential election. A few months later, Georgia elected two Democratic senators for the first time in two decades. This is a time of great change in the Peach State; new voices like former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who boosted Georgia’s Black voter turnout [...]

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