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‘In the Heights’ is a Dazzling Return to the Cinema

Anthony Ramos as Usnavi and Mellissa Barrera as Vanessa in "In the Heights." (Warner Bros./Macall Polay) “In the Heights” is a film of contradictions. It is an ode to Washington Heights, the Manhattan neighborhood above 155th street, yet its characters struggle with the desire to break free from their home. It is both a celebration [...]

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Asians Have Had Enough Bad Days

Everyone in my algebra class pulled their desks away from me as if I was toxic — I became an island in the middle of the room. After 45 minutes of humiliation, my self-perception would never be the same. That was the first bad day I had ever had simply because I am Asian. In [...]

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End of Year Research Roundup: NIH Grants, Emory Drug Licensed in India

Emory University has received numerous research awards and grants this year, including an award from the Lupus Research Alliance and grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The University has also engaged in research for treatments and vaccines against COVID-19. The Wheel has provided summaries of  significant developments from the past few months.   Whitehead [...]

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