The Emory Wheel won six awards in the 2018 Georgia College Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Assistant News Editor Albert Zhang (22C) won first place for “Best News Article Based on Investigative Reporting” in Group I for coverage of College Council’s (CC) closed-door executive sessions and redaction of legislative bills in the article “College Council Restricts Public Access.” College Council sealed its activities after the Wheel began to to send a reporter to CC’s weekly public meetings in Fall 2018.

Emory Life Editor Alex Klugerman (20B), who previously served as news editor, won second place in Group I of the same category for his article titled “Ma Rescinds Threat of Legal Action Against Wheel.” Klugerman covered Student Government Association (SGA) President Dwight Ma’s (17Ox, 19C) threat of legal action against the Wheel and individual editors after the newspaper published an article about allegations of electoral misconduct against Ma.

Staff Photographer Nassem Yousef (21C) won first place for “Best News Photograph” in Group I for her photo of the vigil mourning victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting.

Staff writer Varun Gupta (20C) won third place in the “Best Feature Story” category in Group I for his feature about library security officer Dennis House. Gupta shadowed House during his night shift at the Robert W. Woodruff Library.

Associate Editor Aditya Prakash (20C) and Opinion Editor Isaiah Sirois (19C) won third place in the “Best Entertainment Feature” category for Group II for a crossword puzzle.