This week of college football started off as your typical high scoring, SEC winning, normal weekend until you reached the late afternoon/night games.

Stanford only scored six points against Northwestern two weeks ago. SIX POINTS. Now they go and upset the #6 team in the country? Or how about that Ole Miss vs. Alabama game? It was just one crazy play after the next.

Let’s take a closer look into how these games played out.

The Upsets

Stanford University 41 at #6 vs. University of Southern California 31

In the end we shouldn’t really be that surprised that Stanford won this game. Probably a little over half of the players for Stanford have been in two PAC 12 championship games. So, was week one against Northwestern a fluke? If this game didn’t disprove it, I don’t know what will.

Stanford knows how to play in big games, and they know how to rally back when they’re down. With four minutes left in the first half and down 21-10, the Cardinals scored two touchdowns to take the lead 24-21. After halftime they never slowed down, scoring 17 more points to stun the Trojans. Expect big things from Stanford for the rest of year. They have some huge games coming up.

#15 University of Mississippi 43 @ #2 University of Alabama 37

Ole Miss is a great team, and it was a great game, but Alabama wins this game nine out of 10 times. However there’s always that one time out of 10.

The Crimson Tide had five turnovers, which led to 24 Rebel points. Even after all of the turnovers, Alabama still would’ve won if Ole Miss hadn’t scored on a completely wild 66-yard touchdown. Ole Miss played a great game on defense and offense, but in the end got really lucky with this win. I hope that there is somehow a rematch between these two teams at the end of the season.

Big News

Dear SEC, I’m looking at the ranking, and I don’t see you? Where are you? Are those Big 10 teams at the top of the rankings? There must be some sort of problem! Well it turns out that the Big 10 is currently holding the top two spots in the AP poll for the first time since the November of 2006.

So even if it were about time that the Big 10 regained the top positions, I don’t understand how Michigan State jumped Texas Christian University in the polls. They both played average games this week against subpar teams, so what was the point? I disagree with the rankings this week, but hey, I don’t make the decisions. Just don’t be too surprised when Michigan State gets upset or when Ohio State dominates them when they play later this year.

Speaking of Ohio State, what in the world is going on? 20-13 against Northern Illinois University? It looks like Cardale Jones’ tenure as the starting quarterback is going to come to an end soon. Urban Meyer tried his best to have a two quarterback system, and it looks like J.T. Barrett will become the sole quarterback soon enough. Even Mr. Jones believes that he lost his job after changing his status on Instagram about him currently being the #2 quarterback. For more on Cardale Jones’ social media mishaps please refer to Nathan Janick’s Nosebleeds article. Either way, we’ll see in conference play whether J.T. can make Ohio State the dominant team that we saw last year, and if not, how they’re going to deal with some serious issues.

My Rankings

Here are my rankings on who are the best college football teams in the nation:

#1 Ohio State University (3-0)

#2 Texas Christian University (3-0)

#3 Michigan State University (3-0)

#4 University of Mississippi (3-0)

#5 University of Alabama (2-1)

Realize that these rankings are based on how good I perceive these teams to be. Finally, even though Alabama has lost a game, I still think they’re better than every team below them.