Technology has revolutionized virtually every industry that we know of. You can go to your doctor’s appointment by opening an app on your phone, buy a home from your computer, and do essentially anything that needs to be done while sitting comfortably behind a screen. Technology has also made a significant impact on the firearms industry.

Once upon a time, the flintlock was considered forward thinking. The sheer idea that there would be a safety button that you could put on the side of a weapon to prevent it from firing, was borderline unthinkable. The technological advances that changed the firearm industry throughout the 1800s and 1900s are now considered outdated and widely taken for granted. However, the impact of technology has continued to revolutionize the gun industry.

The experts at We The People Holsters took a closer look at the way that modern tech has revolutionized the world of guns and ammo and have come up with some of the biggest innovations in the world of firearms.


If you’ve ever held a handgun from the early 1900s in your hand, you’ve probably been immediately amazed at how heavy they are. Most older firearms are made of steel, while newer models are crafted out of a high-tech polymer that allows you to carry all of the power at a fraction of the weight. However, these polymers don’t just make your firearm lighter. Technological advances in the material that guns are made of have also created a generation of weapons that are resistant to extreme temperatures, significantly more durable, and less prone to recoil which can reduce accuracy. Thanks to all of these benefits, many police departments nationwide have started using Glock’s Polymer G pistols as their department’s standard issue.

Modular Gun Designs

The ability to create modular gun designs have opened up the possibility for guns to be completely customized. While this may sound like something that would be “just for looks”, there are actually several practical applications. The way that a handgun fits in a hand has a direct impact on the accuracy he or she will have when firing the weapon. Modular designs would be able to take the shape and size of the gun owner’s hand and create a gun that would be custom made for them. A company based in Texas called Solid Concepts has already made the world’s first gun from a 3D printer. This introduces the possibility of a firearm with dimensions that would be customized to its owner.

Smart Gun Technology

You’ve probably already noticed, but the “smart technology” trend is changing the way that everything works. The same technology that allows you to control your home’s security system, HVAC, etc., is also being introduced into the world of firearms. Smart gun technology is now making it possible for guns to only fire if an authorized user is in control of the weapon. Thanks to the implementation of technology that relies on RFID chips, fingerprint readers, and biometric sensory technology, some guns require their owner to verify their identity before the gun will fire. This technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the safety aspect of the firearm industry.

Holographic Sighting Systems

If you’ve ever watched an old western movie with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, you’ve seen them point the end of their revolver at their target and squeeze the trigger. The sights that were on their revolvers nearly consisted of a single piece of steel at the front of the barrel. Today, sights are significantly more advanced. Laser sights became prominent in the 1980s, but they were large, bulky attachments. While laser sights have become more streamline in nature, there are more advances being made in this field. A company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan called EOTech is working to introduce a holographic sighting system. They demonstrated the prototype for this technology all the way back in 1996 at SHOT Show and have been working to refine it ever since. EOTech is also developing thermal imaging equipment, tactical lasers, and illuminators, taking gun sights even further into the future.

We recognize that the 21st century has the potential to be one of the most transformative for firearms including technology that could make firearms safer, more accurate, and more effective. Undoubtedly, there will come a day where gun enthusiasts look back at things like holographic sighting systems, customizable guns, and smart gun technology and view them the same way we view magazines, safeties and other features that were once considered revolutionary. We live in one of the most exciting. developmental times for the firearm industry. Be sure to continue monitoring sources, such as We The People Holsters, to stay up to date on the latest advances in firearms technology.