A new blog titled “Stop the Cuts at Emory” is aggregating media coverage, event updates and other information regarding the recent departmental changes. Flyers protesting the changes as well as advice on how the Emory community can voice their concerns are also available.
English graduate student and instructor Claire Laville started the blog.
According to the page, a strategy session on the Quad will take place Friday at noon. A town hall meeting with College Dean Robin Forman will take place but the details have yet to be announced.
In addition, a new Facebook page (#EmoryCuts) states, “#EmoryCuts is an organization seeking to ‘save’ Emory’s Liberal Arts.” As of Wednesday at 1:55 a.m., 155 members joined the group.
26 people have also signed an online petition on change.org titled “Emory University: Rescind the Cuts or No Alumni Donations.”
“We will donate nothing to Emory University if the Forman budget is implemented,” the page states. “If we are a current student, then this is a pledge not to donate after graduation.”
Finally, a fake Twitter account posing as College Dean Robin Forman (@DeanRobinForman) is dishing out heavy doses of humor regarding the recent decisions. The account currently has 97 followers and has posted 45 Tweets.

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