Emory is launching a feasibility study to consider renovating Cox Hall Food Court, according to Senior Director of Operations for Campus Life David Furhman.

Furhman, who announced the study at a Food Advisory Committee at Emory (FACE) meeting on Monday night, said it will examine space availability in Cox Hall and how to improve wait times for food.

The team conducting the study will consider making the renovations within “the next year or two,” Furhman said.

“It’s going to look like a Krog Street Market or a mini Ponce [City Market],” Furhman said.

Cox Hall underwent a “major kitchen renovation” in 2012, according to a University press release.

Several students at the FACE meeting expressed their desire for more dining options on campus.

In an interview with the Wheel, Julian Haladus-Henke (21C) said he would like to see Cox Hall improve its wait times for food.

“If they’re doing [the study] in response to peak times when it’s very crowded, then I think it would be good,” Haladus-Henke said. “When I walk into Cox and it’s full and I’m really hungry but the lines are too long, I walk out. … If they could structure the layout better I would be happier.”

Amanda Parsley (21C) said she would like to see Cox improve its accessibility for disabled students.

“If they wanted to make it more accessible to people in wheelchairs that would be nice because when it is in peak hours [these students don’t] have the option of easily accessing [food],” Parsley said.