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Emory accepted more than 4,000 students into Emory University’s Class of 2019 on Tuesday.

This year’s applications saw a more than 15 percent increase from last year, but the University accepted roughly the same number of students, according to Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment and Dean of Admission John Latting.

This year, 20,519 students applied to the College, while last year, the College received 17,818 applications, according to data released by the Office of Admissions. For the past four years, until this year, application numbers remained in the 17,000s, according to data from the Office of Admissions. The number of admitted students only increased by one — 4,796 students were accepted this year and 4,795 were accepted last year.


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Latting said that he predicts the enrollment numbers at the College to be about the same as last year’s enrollment of 1,365 students.

The acceptance rate fell from 27 percent last year to 23 percent this year, he said.

Oxford College also saw an increase in applications. It received 9,736 applications and admitted 3,715 students — a 38 percent acceptance rate, according to data from the Office of Admissions. Last year, Oxford received 7,409 applications.

Latting said there are two reasons for the increase in application numbers.

First, Emory’s general operations have increasingly been spotlighted in the news.

“It’s everything from some sports thing to medical research,” Latting said. “Emory’s really been in the news a lot in the last year and for good things, and that has raised the profile of the University.”

The second reason, Latting said, is the Admissions Office’s recruitment efforts.


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He noted that while the Admissions Office certainly wants the applicant pool to grow, increasing the size of the applicant pool each year is not a goal “in and of itself.”

“We don’t try to recruit students just to get them to apply,” Latting said. “Instead, we figure out what kind of students we’d like to have in our applicant pool, and we target those students.”

Although the Admissions Office continues to reach out to students by meeting with school counselors, visiting high schools and providing tours for prospective and accepted students, Latting said that the Office’s use of technology and information to spread the word about Emory is changing the most. Latting noted that the “relatively new” communications team within the Office of Admissions has been utilizing email campaigns and social media to reach out to students.


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However, Latting said the Admissions Office is not the only office helping to recruit new students.

“I think everyone at Emory should feel like he or she has a hand in the recruiting effort,” Latting said.

Latting noted that academic metrics get stronger each year. He also noted that “we don’t admit by SAT score, but academic preparation is the most important factor in the selection.”

The mean high school GPA of admitted students this year is 3.86, while the mean SAT scores for Verbal and Math was 1430, according to Latting. The average class rank of admitted students was 98th percentile. The average SAT and class rank of admitted students are the same as last year, but this year’s GPA rose by .01.

While Latting said that one of the themes of the admitted class is greater diversity, 11 percent of the admitted students are African-American while 9 percent are Hispanic — a only one and two percent increase respectively. Out of all the students, 31 percent are white.

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International students make up 14 percent of accepted students and are citizens of 71 different countries.

The top 14 countries in order from most to least accepted students are China, India, Korea, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, France, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.

The gender distribution is very similar from previous years, with 57 percent female and 43 percent male admittees.

One dynamic admissions factor, according to Latting, is the geography of the admitted class. Latting said that increasing numbers of students come from outside the Southeast each year.

While 28 percent of admitted students are from the southeast this year, 30 percent were from the southeast last year, and 35 percent were from the southeast three years ago.

— By Annie McGrew