Photo Courtesy of William Warby on Flikr

Photo Courtesy of William Warby on Flikr

By Jenna Kingsley

Andrew Wilson is a junior on the Emory men’s swimming and diving team. Hailing from Bethesda, Md., he is part of a family of athletes; his mother was a gymnast at  Yale and his sister swam at Northwestern. He was named a University Athletic Association (UAA) Swimming and Diving Athlete of the Week for his performance in the Oct. 18 meet against UNC-Wilmington.

The Emory Wheel: How long have you been swimming?

Andrew Wilson: I probably started swimming when I was four years old.

EW: How did you get into competitive swimming?

AW: I swam summer league when I was a kid, and I did that until I was 18. I also swam in high school.

EW: Do you ever get tired of the water?

AW: I get tired of the chlorine. It dries out your skin. Other than that, not really.

EW: Do you have a pre-game ritual?

AW: Yeah – I usually get to the pool pretty early and do a lot of stretching and listen to music; I don’t really talk much. For warm up, during the season for dual meets, [Head Coach Jon Howell] gives an assigned warm up. But during the big meets, I’ll do my own warm up.

EW: Favorite stroke?

AW: Breaststroke.

EW: Least favorite stroke?

AW: Backstroke. I can’t swim backstroke.

EW: Favorite and least favorite event?

AW: My favorite is the 100 breast and least favorite is the 500 free.

EW: Pump-up song?

AW: It usually changes from year-to-year. Right now, it’s probably “Rap God” by Eminem. But I also listen to a lot of M83.

EW: Speedos or jammers?

AW: Definitely speedos.

– By Jenna Kingsley, Social Media Editor and Special Sections Editor