Two College Council (CC) senior legislators have resigned “due to unforeseen circumstances,” according to a Sept. 18 email from CC President Cassidy Schwartz (18C).

Their positions will be filled through an “interview process,” Schwartz told the Wheel. The positions must be filled by students who are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and have senior standing.

The legislators who resigned were Matt Goldman (18C) and Karen Shim (19C).

Schwartz and CC Vice President Naman Jain (18C) plan to interview candidates Sept. 19 and 20, Schwartz said. They will then present to the legislature their nominations for senior legislators next Wednesday.

At least 15 students expressed interest in the position, and 11 have already scheduled interviews, Schwartz said.

If a vacancy for an elected position arises, the executive board seeks and nominates a suitable replacement, then presents that individual to the legislature for approval by at least 50 percent + 1 vote, according to CC’s constitution. The legislature is currently composed of 18 people, so 10 votes are required to confirm a nomination.

Schwartz said she is looking for someone who is able to take on the time commitment, which involves attending meetings, starting CC initiatives and working on a committee, and who is “truly passionate about the opportunity to be involved in CC.”

Goldman said he left his CC position due to scheduling conflicts related to an internship.

Shim did not respond to a request for interview, but Schwartz said that the student “felt it was necessary to drop some extracurricular commitments in order to address issues in their personal life.”

There are supposed to be five senior legislators serving on CC, according to its Constitution.  

CC legislators are responsible for distributing charters for new clubs, allocating funding for events, conducting student outreach, and planning social justice events, according to a Sept. 18 CC email. Legislators are elected during spring elections, with the exception of the five freshman legislators, who are elected in the fall.

Michelle Lou and Richard Chess contributed reporting.

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