Photo by Stephen Fowler, Student Life Editor

Photo by Stephen Fowler, Student Life Editor

1) The Roof of the Woodruff Library

Enjoy a peaceful view of campus with your sweetie at the top of floor of the Woodruff Library. This floor is usually pretty isolated, so you will be able to enjoy the view without distractions from others.

2) The Balcony of the Michael C. Carlos Museum

This spot is a bit more open because it is facing the quad, but you will still be able to enjoy snuggling with your sweetheart. There are tables and chairs on the balcony, so you can bring your own food and beverages for an easy picnic spot.

3) Lullwater Park

Here, you’ll be able to participate in quite a few couples’ activities.  Aside from enjoying the scenic route, you can feed the geese, do yoga or exercise. It is within walking distance from the Clairmont campus, so you can add a peaceful stroll to your Valentine’s Day activities.

4) The Roof of Rollins

If you desire another view of campus, you can take your love to the top of Rollins. If your lover has never been there, you can make it an adventure. Again, this area is usually pretty quiet, which makes it the ideal location for some private time.

5) The Chairs outside Cannon Chapel

This quiet and relatively secluded area is a great place to share coffee and snacks with your boo.


6) The Beanbags at the Cox Computer Lab

Feel free to share to beanbag with your lovebug. For best results, move the beanbag in front of the TV so you can watch romantic movies or bond over videogames.

7) The Sitting Area outside of Starbucks 

Starbucks has a few tables and chairs outside that make a great place to enjoy your coffee while breathing in fresh air. It is generally much quieter than it is inside of Starbucks. You’ll be able to converse in peace without too many distractions. You and your bae can also people-watch, if you are into that sort of thing.

8) The Quad

The Quad is a great place to enjoy a lazy romantic evening or picnic. It is a grassy stretch of land that is large enough for multiple groups of people. There are trees to lie against if you’re not too keen on lying down in the grass. If you’re brave, try stargazing with your sweetheart.

9) The SAAC Field

The SAAC Field is not as large as the Quad, but it can provide similar pleasures if you don’t want to leave the Clairmont campus. Some recommendations for romance on the field include yoga, exercise or an afternoon nap with your valentine.

10) Emory Village

Grab a bite to eat here before taking a romantic stroll around campus. There is a wide variety of restaurants, and many of them accept Emory cards as payment. If your boo loves froyo, grab a Valentine’s Day dessert from Yogli Mogli.

– By Avanti Patel, Staff Writer

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