Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been to the Great Wall of China. I have been to the Pyramids of Egypt. But I can honestly say the most amazing thing in the world is seeing headlights pull into my driveway when I’m craving some late night food. We all know that cooking food late at night isn’t the way to go, so I’m not even going to bother discussing it. Let’s focus on the stuff people actually care about:

Dominos: The one that everyone knows about. If you haven’t ordered Dominos past midnight, you haven’t had the Emory experience. Their options are limited, but nothing beats pizza and cheesy bread when you’re craving them.

Steak ‘n Shake: Another Emory classic. Just a short walk from everyone’s neighborhood bar and grill, Steak ‘n Shake offers an easy alternative to pizza. With a menu populated by delectable burger and fries combos, you can’t go wrong … unless, of course, you’re stuck dealing with their service at four a.m.

Wingnuts: A great option for late-night Asian food that’s pretty cheap and comes in huge serving sizes. You might end up waiting for a while but sometimes it’s worth it. Food isn’t the best, but usually doesn’t matter if you’re drunk. You’re not gonna be able to finish your food, and it’s not really worth saving, but I’m a big fan.

McDonald’s: You’ll need someone to drive you there (they won’t serve you in the drive thru if you walk up, trust me), but you can’t go wrong. I recommend a McDouble and a McChicken, or the breakfast burritos if you’re feeling adventurous, but there are plenty of other options. Eat inside the restaurant. It’s not every day that you can chill in a McDonald’s past midnight.

Someone Else’s Food: When in doubt, you can always borrow your friends’ food. Chances are they passed out already, just go for it.

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Special Projects Editor | Jacob Durst is a Goizueta Business School junior from Dallas, Texas double majoring in business and political science. He has been a big sports fan as long as he can remember, and his teams are the Houston Rockets, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. He also wants to throw out there that Sports is the best section.