In a dissertation, you present the findings of a study or research. For those who do not know, you write a dissertation in support of your academic degree. So, you present this document as part of your bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Well, for many students, this document ends up being the largest and longest piece of document they will ever write. If you are not ready, writing a dissertation can drain the last bit of energy in your body. However, this article offers you some tips on how you can go about writing a dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is a marathon

The biggest mistake you can ever make while writing an academic dissertation is to waste time. Since the document is long, you need to be wise in how you use your time. However, this does not mean that you start working on your paper right away. You can sprint while writing a 1000-word essay. But, when you have to submit an 8000-word document, you need a solid plan that will guide you to the very last page.

One thing you need to do is to maintain the old habits that you find useful. These could be working from the library, following the same pre-writing routine, or staying away from social media and other distractions. When athletes are training for a marathon, they try their best to mimic the day of the competition. The same applies to you. Do not change anything. Patrick, a content writer from, a platform that offers writing help agrees with the above statement. He says that adopting different routines or trying new styles can backfire on you. So, stick to the same habits and routines that work for you.

Prepare and stick to a schedule

Distractions will always present themselves whenever you decide to do something. If you are not careful, you may end up spending a lot of time with your friends or on your phone than on your dissertation. Distractions take your mind off something and hence the need for a schedule. You need to prepare a schedule and maintain a high level of discipline in sticking to it. Indicate when you want to finish all the chapters and then get to work. The schedule you prepare should align with who you are and how you do things. If, for example, you like working at night, make sure the schedule reflects this and allows you to maximize this time. If you are a morning person, get into a routine, and start waking up early. This particular dissertation writing tip should help you find the perfect time for you to work. So, examine yourself and prepare a schedule. 

Start writing

After creating a schedule and deciding when you wish to finish every chapter, the next step is to start writing. For most people, this is where problems start. Commitments, family time, friends, and social media will make the majority put their dissertation aside for days. Every reason will seem legit and you will want to postpone. However, you need to fight these urges. When the distractions are too loud, that is the time to fight harder for control and focus.

However, there are instances when you cannot find the time to work. You may be busy at work or have an unavoidable circumstance that prevents you from working on your dissertation. In such cases, asking for help from dissertation writing platforms is not a bad thing. If in such a situation, look for a company like where you can say write my dissertation, and have a professional help you. You can be sure that you will get a high-quality dissertation and before your deadline expires.

Do not submit the first draft

Do not be the kind of person whose interest is only to finish the dissertation. Such individuals finish writing the first draft and think it is ready for submission. Well, this should never be the case for you. Allow yourself room for mistakes. The first draft is where you are free to write as you please. The arguments must not follow any format or you may take a different approach as well. This, however, is not for submission. This is your first draft and you can write however you want. What this freedom does is allow your mind to wander which is crucial for dissertation writing. Whichever ideas you discover, make use of them. While it may not appear as a tip, being flexible can enhance your writing.

You also need to know that sitting around asking how to write my dissertation will not help you get anywhere. You have to put in the work. Start somewhere and let your mind wander. In the end, you will have something beautiful.

Write your introduction last

Writing an introduction is not as easy as you may think. When you read someone else’s introduction, they seem simple, captivating, and with enough information to arouse your interest. However, many of these people struggle to write such introductions. Yes, the final result looks good. But, the journey there is quite long. For dissertations, introductions need to come last. The reason for this is that you may end up changing your approach mid-way in the paper. This will force you to write a new introduction. So, since you are unsure of what the final product will be like, write your introduction section last.

If you are struggling or in doubt of your skills, you can always have professionals help you deliver a high-quality dissertation. Wondering where you can find them? Visit  and you will find pre-written papers or professionals ready to help. If you will choose the latter, remember to provide instructions and engage the writer throughout the process. 

Schedule breaks

Breaks are key to the quality of the dissertation you will hand in. Well, it may not be a typical tip for writing a thesis. However, it is quite crucial. Brakes allow you to rest and detach from your work. In such moments, it is possible to entertain different perspectives and to find ways to enhance your work. You can take walks to clear your head or go talk to people outside. Refusing to take breaks can leave you rigid and this can impact the quality of your work. Allow yourself to see different things and be away from your desk for some minutes.

In conclusion, a dissertation requires your highest level of discipline. Since it is a long paper, it calls for a lot more patience and resilience to get it ready. Well, there is no perfect time for when you should start your dissertation. However, when you decide to start, make sure you have a schedule and one you plan to adhere to. So, get to work right now. But remember, help is always there when you need it.

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