With the cost of Emory University’s tuition at a whopping $66,950, some students at Emory feel the financial burden of tuition more than ever before. By using the university’s resources however, students can not only attempt to alleviate their financial stress but also take advantage of some fun perks in the process.

Xfinity Cable

While the presence of Resident Advisors may turn students off campus housing, the new cable subscription might bring some students back. If carrying a flat screen into your dorm is too much physical exertion, the cable subscription comes with free live streaming access for your laptop or any app-supporting devices. This access includes an HBO account. Now, streaming “Game of Thrones” instead of studying for your next test is that much easier.


One swipe into the New York City subway system was $2.75 my senior year of high school. With that price, estimating roughly two trips a day, my daily commute would replace the cost of that cup of desperately needed, overpriced coffee on the way to school. At Emory? Jump on, jump off, take a joy ride, ride to Target, Kroger or even the friendly neighborhood Pitch ‘n Putt on the shuttles without worrying about the cost of an Uber. You can also take Emory Experience Shuttles to popular weekend destinations, including Atlantic Station and Ponce City Market.

Wonderful Wednesday

Strolling through Asbury Circle between classes on a Wednesday is a great way to score free swag. T-shirts, coffee, stress balls or even free activities (like blow up obstacle courses) are all available to Emory students. Walk around the tables and, who knows, you might score some free candy and discover a new club on campus at the same time.


The Information Technology help desk’s online website lists links to free software downloads any student may need. The best perk? Microsoft Office Suite and EndNote are both free. Now you can finally have a word processor to split screen with Netflix as you “multitask.”


The Computing Center at Cox Hall is a gem on campus, nestled between the food hall and the ballroom. The Center houses Mac computers, conference rooms and free reservable game consoles with games. Inside the Center is the TechLab. Student workers are trained to teach anyone who is interested about the technology available. Learn how to 3-D print, scan, or even make buttons and t-shirts for your club’s next event.

Library Requests

Skip ordering that book you need off Amazon for that research project. If you plan ahead, you can request specific books from the Robert W. Woodruff Library, which can order texts from surrounding university libraries. The Music and Media Library, located in the Robert W. Woodruff Library, has an extensive list of equipment available to check out for student use. You can check out a movie and watch it on one of their many monitors. Never spend money renting a movie from Amazon again.

Tutors and Writing Center

Why pay for a tutor when you can sign up for a free session with a peer tutor? You can make appointments with upperclassmen who have excelled in particular classes to help you understand concepts and work through those tough problems before your next chemistry test. The Writing Center is another useful resource, where writing gurus can assist in the development of your argument in an essay or rough draft.

Career Center

Resume renovations, aptitude tests and guidance when navigating the extensive Emory alumni network are all things the Career Center offers Emory students. Network your way up the ladder and schedule interviews for jobs and internships. And if you don’t own the perfect outfit for that Goldman Sachs interview, no sweat. The Career Center has a closet filled with professional attire you can wear to your next interview. There is no charge to rent an outfit; it can be done through a scheduled appointment or during the drop in hours, held regularly on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.

The New York Times

In White Hall and the Robert W. Woodruff Library, next to stacks of the weekly Wheels, are stacks of The New York Times newspapers. Catch up on news and current events with our pre-paid subscription to The New York Times. The subscription includes an online option, making news on the go a breeze. And for those not into reading the news? Just wait for the next edition of The Emory Spoke.

Discounted Tickets

The tickets and information desk, located in AMUC, sells over-the-counter discounted tickets to students throughout the year. You can head to Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium and Six Flags at a discounted price.


Using all the little-known resources on this list could help you feel a little less guilty about the money you dump into your four years on campus (Uber Eats, anyone?). So, when you see a giant inflatable duck outside the new DUC-ling or an impermanent, intricate ice sculpture on parents’ weekend and make a quip about where all your money goes, revisit this list and hack your tuition back. And the next time you’re thinking about dropping out over student loans, just remember: tickets to the Atlanta zoo are $2 cheaper with that Emory ID.