If you can believe it, some students have already taken their first midterms of the semester. The nonexistent workload of syllabus week unfortunately did not extend across the spring months, and missed reading assignments and slept-through morning classes will slowly add an additional burden to students’ cramming schedules. In preparation for the first major wave of midterms, the Wheel has compiled some tips and tricks for camping out in the of the Robert W. Woodruff Library this semester.

Business Library Candy

Why steal candy from a baby when you can steal it from Goizueta Business School? The Goizueta Business Library, located on the second floor of the library, frequently stocks a bowl of candy by the printer. Take one, or a few, but beware the butterscotch sweets that can induce an upset stomach. If Peet’s Coffee and Tea closes and you have more than 10 pages of writing left on your essay, the B-school candy bowl can provide you with the necessary energy to power through the final stretch. Or, if scarfing down candy isn’t your thing, you can curb that kleptomania and stock up on the pencils and paper clips near printers throughout the library.

This is the Tea

Bring an empty cup and a tea bag with you to club libs if you want to BYOT (bring your own tea). You can get hot water from Peet’s for free, or, if you’d rather not interact with people, fill up your cup at the water fountain and heat it in the microwave on the study-area side of Peet’s.  

Find Your Zen

All-nighters are a rite of passage in the college experience. After your lonely night of studying, you’ll probably feel like a zombie. If and when you feel drowsy during the day, take a break from the books and spend some time meditating in the library’s prayer room, tucked away near the back wall of the first floor. Release your anxieties and find your zen without wasting time going all the way home. Schedule your meditation time and never feel burned out again.

Clean yo Self

The enigmatic Woodruff Library showers are like God: You know they’re there, but you’ve never seen them. Taking a shower in the library has long been a senior bucket list special. Try out the third floor showers next to the exhibits the next time you spend a long night sweating over your physical chemistry problem sets and don’t have a chance to go home and refresh yourself before your next class. Don’t worry about shampoo, conditioner or even mouthwash. Peet’s sells all your toiletry needs — with a special Dooley Dollar discount.

Rent Headphones and Chargers

There is no feeling worse than walking all the way to libs and realizing you’ve forgotten your headphones or charger. You can rent either from the Music and Media Library on the fourth floor. Although the walk up to the fourth floor is excruciating, at least you can stay indoors. Students can also rent cameras and other equipment free of charge from the Music and Media Library.  


With these trade secrets in hand, one can spend hours upon hours in the library. Whether holed away in the stacks or commandeering a large wooden table in the Matheson Reading Room, you can survive even the worse all-nighter with these tips. Who knows? Maybe next time you spend the night in the library with your head in the books you’ll discover a new grade-saving hack.

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Niraj Naik (20B) is from Twinsburg, Ohio majoring in business administration and political science. He is a really nice guy who enjoys spending time with others. If that sounds like you, hit him up!

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